Youth Ministry (Gr. 6-12)


Youth Group (Gr. 6-12)

It’s important for young Catholics to form friendships with other Catholic disciples and to continue to challenge themselves to grow in the faith.  Youth group is centered on God and the Catholic faith, because it is God who frees us from sin and fills our hearts with joy.  Youth group typically includes a combination of fun, food, prayer, learning, and friendship.  No sign-up or commitment is required, however, the permission slip at the bottom of this page must be turned in for each child.


(Bonus: an evening in the Mall, Nickoleon World or Sea Life)
Where: Radisson Blu at Mall of America
Who: Gr 6-8 (Gr 9-12 and adult leaders/chaperones are needed, free of charge!)
When: March 23, 2019

Cost: $15 - Due before Jan 1. Required for registration to be complete. Youth will pay their own way to attend Mall attractions during free-time afterward) - Click Here to Register




Youth Group Schedule - View below the digital version of the calendar, which will give you dates, times and locations.  (The Agenda View works well to see the whole year. Click "Agenda" then click "Look for more" until you see the whole year before you. All events can be copied to your personal calendar by clicking on the events and then click "Copy to my calendar")



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