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Join our dynamic family-based formation program!  Studies show that children learn their faith primarily in the home.  Why?  Because children are most influenced by their parents!  We warmly welcome you to join A Family of Faith this fall.  A Family of Faith is designed for our ever-changing world. As the Church looks for better methods to teach the gospel in our culture, research has shown that bringing the faith to the whole family is more successful than textbook and classroom models.

A Family of Faith [see their website for more details on the program] equips parents using dynamic activities and inspirational Catholic devotions in an easy-to-use format.  It meets children where they are and brings them along to a deeper relationship with Christ.   

We help families form friendships with other families!   


Parents attend one Adult Night per month (childcare provided) and the whole family attends one Community Gathering per month after Mass.  In between, families do activities and devotions at home.  It's simple, fun, and effective!

  • Pre-K (Potty-trained through Pre-K) - Catholic Childcare will be offered at all Adult Nights and Community Gatherings this year!
  • Grades K-8 - Sign up here.  (Wonder how much it costs?  See the bottom of this page.  Don't forget, we offer scholarships!)
    • Grade 2 - To prepare for First Communion, children in grade 2 will attend special classes during most of the Adult Nights.
    • Grades 6-8 - During half of our Community Gatherings, Grades 6-8 will be at Middle School Youth Ministry enjoying games, worship, dynamic talks, prayer, friendships, and food.  Confirmation studetns (Gr. 8) will attend a few classes during Adult Meetings as well. 
  • High School - High schoolers are welcome to join us, volunteer as program helpers, assist with Catholic Childcare, or assist us with the program.  Contact Joe Block for more information.  In addition, we have our high school youth ministry program.

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Adult Nights: 

One Wednesday per month, 6:00-7:30 PM.  Adults hear an engaging and interesting talk about the month's topics; followed by an eye-opening sacred art presentation, small group discussion; and large group sharing.




Community Gatherings:

Sunday, 9:45-11:15 AM.  A typical Community Gathering will have some social time for adults while the month's learning topics are reviewed with children, followed by fun activities, games, discussions, devotions, and prayers.  Community gatherings are about making connections with God and with one another in interactive Catholic ways.  



A Family of Faith Schedule - Click on this link to view a digital version of the calendar.  After enrollment, all families will be able to add this digital calendar to their own personal digitalk calendars as well. 



Contact Joe Block at 651-272-5195, or, for more information.


Listen to the testimonies from some of our families last year:

  • I was amazed how my kids were able to rephrase the information to fit their understanding and language abilities!I enjoyed having conversations with my kids about our topics each month.

  • I enjoyed teaching and re-learning about: the different covenants God made with us, being in a state of grace vs. a state of sin, and talking about the importance of Reconciliation and how great it is.
  • I was amazed at how memorable the teachings were when combined with artwork!
  • I liked the self-paced learning/teaching, good discussions, the art lessons, and the flexibility/understanding about ability to not make all sessions.
  • The topics that most impacted me were: Jesus’ humanity, how Adam gave his flesh for Eve and how Mary gave her flesh for Jesus, how Jesus and Mary are the New Adam and the New Eve, and how Mary is the New “Queen Mother” that we see foreshadowed in the Old Testament.
  • The month of February was the highlight for me, talking about what we think heaven and hell looks like and also what we (people) will look like in heaven.
  • I gained a deeper understanding of the components of our faith such as the Annunciation, the Immaculate Conception, Pentecost, and the Trinity.


Costs: All non-school families must register for Faith Formation.  The cost is $50 for a family with one child, and $100 total for families with more than one child. For families qualifying for Free Lunch at public schools, the cost per family is $25.  For families qualifying for Reduced Lunch, the cost is $50 per family.  There is also a $50 sacramental fee for all children receiving First Holy Communion or Confirmation (Free/Reduced Lunch discount does not apply). Max sacramental fee is $50 per family.  Scholarships are available for those who need them. We will never allow money to come between a family and God! Materials and resources are used to meet the Archdiocesan standards of religious education.




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